The Cosmic Mind. The energetic Mind. The Brain and the Nervous System. Jin Shin Jyutsu in times of mental challenges. (with Chus Arias)

Friday, 22. March 2019 - Sunday, 24. March 2019
D 83410 Laufen Kapuzinerhof Laufen in Laufen bei Oberndorf, necessary prerequisites: Attendance of minimum one 5-day-class

Times: 9-18 Uhr, erster Tag 10 Uhr, einchecken ab 9 Uhr
Cost: 480 Euro

The brain is an organ in the body controlling all vital human functions. The mind permeates every single cell in our human body and it has a relationship with non-human cells present in our bodies. The bacteria living in the gut, now called the “second brain”.
We often use both terms with the same meaning but they are not the same.
The mind dominates the brain.
In this STC we will explore with simplicity the functions of the brain and the Nervous System and Jin Shin Jyutsu relationships to the brain and the mind.
We will also bring awareness and understanding to mental projects according to the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.
“The mind is the source of bondage or liberation, sorrow or joy” Mary Burmeister

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