“Exhale all that we are.”

Association Jin Shin Jyutsu Austria

We live in a time where awareness for one’s own health increases and at the same time health is becoming more of an economic factor. Ancient knowledge is presented in new ways - sometimes other knowledge is added or essential parts are dismissed - and, as Mary Burmeister already wrote in textbook 1 (1977), “the true concept of the art is once again becoming lost”.

Jiro Murai rediscovered the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu around the early 1900’s and passed it along to Mary Burmeister as a “gift for the West”.

One of the goals of the Association Jin Shin Jyutsu Austria is to keep the Art intact in its totality and to protect it from contamination by personal desires and ambitions.

We want to offer information, create connections and first and foremost keep the Jin Shin Jyutsu spirit alive.