“If the ether is out of balance, a person's thoughts are confused, abnormal.”

Explaining Jin Shin Jyutsu



'The Art of the Creator expressed through the knowing and compassionate Man'

Life energy flows through our body in predetermined patterns.

The first pathway of energy in man is the Main Central Vertical Flow from which all other flows emerge.

Next in making are the so called Supervisory Flows, they each take care of their respective side of the body. At the same time they give rise to 26 energetic centers - the ‘SAFETY’ Energy Locks.

These first three flows are called ‘Trinity Flows’ and go down the front of the body and come up the back of the body. They connect the subtle universal energy with the building and nourishing forces within the body.

In  practical application of Jin Shin Jyutsu we use our hands (over clothing). Through conscious touching or holding of a Safety Energy Lock or a finger for example we encourage the body’s energy flow to loosen tension and blockages.We may first feel warmth and then become aware of a strong pulsation under our fingertips. Energy can then flow freely through our body ( this is why we call the application of Jin Shin Jyutsu “strömen” in German, meaning “do a flow”).