“The breath we receive is the only reality.”

Experiencing Jin Shin Jyutsu

You can apply Jin Shin Jyutsu simply on yourself as self help or experience it in a session with a practitioner. Practitioners and self help instructors in each Austrian state can be found in: JSJ in the provinces.

The power of Jin Shin Jyutsu lies in it’s simplicity, you can use this harmonizing art as self help without any additional aid. Self help is the core of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This awakens one’s responsibility for harmonizing oneself.

It is also an option to receive a JSJ session by a practitioner to support the harmonizing process. Mary Burmeister likes to compare this with using jumper cables to recharge a rundown car battery. The practitioner functions as a jumper cable and the client’s rundown battery reconnects to cosmic energy and regenerates itself. There is no energy exchange between a practitioner and a client.

Through application of JSJ we can bring blockages of life energy back into flow. As a result of that, our fears - the basis of all disharmony - dissolve one by one. All unnecessary burdens drop off our shoulders and make room for inner and outer harmony. In our daily life, thoughts and feelings of competing and comparing lose their importance. Just the present state of being is important, which includes our past and is the foundation for the future.

This creates awareness for - Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF