“In this breath, I am One of a kind. There can be no competing, comparing, judging, labeling or being judged.”

JSJ Session

In a Jin Shin Jyutsu session the client normally lies on a comfortable treatment table on his/her back. The practitioner gets an idea about how to support the client's harmonizing by listening to the pulses,looking at the body, asking questions and following their own intuition. “Overload” or “deficiency” of energy in different parts of the body (e.g. hot head or cold feet) are mentioned in this context, which then can lead to varied ailments. The focus is now to bring these energies back into a balanced flow. Special flow patterns can be applied for this.

The practitioner places his/her hands on the client’s body (over clothing) on different Safety Energy Locks (SEL) in a certain sequence. After a while the practitioner notices a clear and rhythmic pulsation in his/her hands (Mary Burmeister talks about an increasing or stagnating flow of energy). This process often results in deep relaxation which allows for regeneration.

The practitioner’s quality shows in her/his unconditional presence, a  non-judgemental attitude and a deep understanding of the wisdom and effects of energy flows in the body and the psychosomatic relationships.

A JSJ session generally lasts about an hour.

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