“The breath we receive is the only reality.”


       'The Art of Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF'       

Self-Help is the core of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

All we need for harmony and balance (i.e. to be in tune with the universe) in body, mind, and spirit we already have inside of ourselves. As a result we all have the ability to harmonize ourselves.

We always have the necessary tools with us as well: the breath, the fingers, and the hands. We only have to place our hands on the so called ‘Safety Energy Locks’ in certain combinations and harmonizing is already set in motion. To support this process we exhale consciously and deeply. Holding fingers consciously has a powerful effect that can only be understood through personal experience.                        

In this way we have the possibility to apply JSJ in our daily lives in all kind of situations (i.e. in the subway, in a waiting room, or during a conference).          

Harmonizing with JSJ does not have to be limited to sessions with a practitioner, but be based mostly on self help which can be applied regularly and frequently and several times daily. Despite its gentleness and simplicity, JSJ can facilitate great changes in our well being. Our self healing ability will be increased in a state of inner and outer harmony, which can support medical treatment effectively. JSJ self help used as daily maintenance will benefit our health greatly.