“If the ether is out of balance, a person's thoughts are confused, abnormal.”


For those who want to learn more about Jin Shin Jyutsu or those considering practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu professionally as practitioners or self help teachers.

For safekeeping the Art, “Jin Shin Jyutsu inc.” in Scottsdale authorized instructors for teaching the classes.

Find dates for classes in Austria: Dates

The European brochure: www.jinshinjyutsu.de

or worldwide: www.jsjinc.net

5 - Day Class

This basic seminar consists of 2 parts and is taught by an authorized instructor.

Part 1 introduces the dynamic qualities of the 26 “Safety Energy Locks”, explains the concepts of Depths within the body and the Physio-Philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Interspersed with lecture are periods of hands-on application.

Part 2 introduces  the 12 organ flows, listening to pulses, the Special Body Flows and how these contribute to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to you after completing both parts. For those considering practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu professionally, we suggest a minimum completion of three 5-Day seminars and several years of experience.

Special Topic Class (STC)

Special Topic Classes are offered worldwide by authorized instructors of 5-day classes and give the opportunity to look at a specific Jin Shin Jyutsu subject in a more detailed and profound way. This allows an expanded approach to the 5-day class material.

Prerequisite: at least one 5-day class, for some STCs: three 5-day classes 

“Living the Art” - Class (LTA)

This class can deepen one’s understanding and practice of Mary’s Self Help books. Starting with the 5-day class material, the LTA class leads back to the SH books, creating a bridge of information with textbooks 1 and 2. This class improves our ability to share JSJ self help clearly and simply with others in a lecture or Self-Help class.

Prerequisite: three 5-day classes and well founded knowledge of Mary Burmeister’s Self Help books by attendance of self help classes.

"Now Know Myself"-Seminar (NKM)

This  training will be co-presented by a panel of instructors, whose number will be determined by the number of students enrolled. The purpose of the NKM class is to introduce new materials and to further examine the wealth of information in Texts 1 and 2. Daily practice will be part of the class. The primary objective is to enrich each individual's understanding of the why's and how to's of this beautiful Art with emphasis on the unique concerns of practitioners.         

Prerequisite: attendance of three or more 5-day classes

Mentoring Program in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France

5 days intensive study in a  small group (up to 9 students) with an authorized instructor. Please check European brochure or the international website, jsjinc.net for menotoring programs.

Prerequisite: five 5-day classes and a minimum of 3 years studying the Art.