“Receive and let go, but do not keep.”

Learning Jin Shin Jyutsu 

Self help classes (SH classes) as well as seminars for further learning (5-day classes and more) give us more awareness for the processes in our human organism. If  you really want to start studying Jin Shin Jyutsu, look for a SH teacher (see JSJ in Austrian states or practitioners and SH teachers).            

As a matter of fact, we don’t even need to learn JSJ, we use it in our everyday lives already. When you watch people, you will notice that JSJ is widely known and spread: we touch our forehead to help us remember something, we say “I keep my fingers crossed”, etc.

Unconsciously and intuitively we already know about inner processes and what it is that helps to harmonize ourselves. Learning JSJ basically means becoming conscious of what we do automatically and applying it intentionally on ourselves and others.                           

The essence of  the Art of JSJ does not lie in a purely technical approach like: “which application is needed to make this symptom go away?” Beside the fact that one person’s headache usually does not have the same cause than another’s, JSJ is more about awareness and understanding of relationships, life circumstances, etc., of what caused the headache. And is there anyone more qualified to know the cause than myself?

JSJ - the Art of GETTING TO KNOW - help - MYSELF. This is what JSJ seminars (SH classes, 5-day classes, etc.), combined with self help, facilitate.                     

An art requires understanding and is creative - therefore simple. A technique on the other hand requires great effort with memorizing, it imitates, is limited and tends to be competitive. That is why there is no mandatory requirements for the “education” of JSJ, no specific rules or a certificate at the end. The study of JSJ is unlimited and an individual process.