“I can stop and exhale all trivialities.”

"The Art of BEING a Practitioner" (in english with german translation) (with Majella Delaney)

Friday, 20. September 2024 - Sunday, 22. September 2024
2340 Mödling bei Wien, necessary prerequisites: Attendance of minimum one 5-day class.

Times: Freitag 14.00 - 18.00, einchecken ab 13.00 Samstag 9.00 - 18.00 Sonntag 9.00 - cca. 16.00
Cost: EUR 450,-

Mary said “The pulses will whisper their secrets to the extent we are prepared to listen”
This 2 and a half day Special Topic Class will enable the student to “listen” more deeply by developing their awareness of the pulses, understanding of the pulses and the technique of listening to the pulses.

We will also be studying “changes in conformation” Master Murai’s term for the ways in which the body responds physically to disharmony in the body energy circulation pathways and how to recognise “changes in conformation” when we body read.

We will deepen our awareness and understanding of the Jumper Cable and it’s effect on the receiver ‘s body energy when we apply Jin Shin Jyustu in a session.

The class will be a mixture of lecture presentation and practical demonstration and will provide students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to help them create a session for their client.

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