“Air is the entity of the spirit.”
Elisabeth Jürschik

Elisabeth Jürschik

Practitioner, SH-Instructor

Gerhart-Hauptmann Str. 30 Top 5
6020 Innsbruck, Tirol

Mobile: 0650 8600687

2. Address


Individual JSJ or  Sessions
with appointment via phone in my practioner's room LANDEPLATZ in Innsbruck

Open Self Help Group
Marienheim, Schwaz
every fortnight from September 2020
together with Monika Fiechter-Alber

Open Self Help Group
JSJ - alive and daily practice together in the circle

22.9., 20.10., 17.11., 22.12. 2020
7.15 -9.00 pm
Location: JSJ Praxis, Gerhart-Hauptmannstr. 30/5, 6020 Innsbruck (no elevator)
Phone: 0650 86 00 687 (please let me know if you are coming till Sunday evening before the group - lim. space)
Please bring a pillow and blanket. - No previous course necessary.
Exchange: ~10€
Please bring your mask in any case ;o)